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There's no longer a place in your life for autoimmunity. It no longer gets to run the show.

You're in charge now and life gets to change in amazing, profound, and beautiful ways. 

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The most profound and high touch programs. Every session is tailored to you with customized plans. From 3 to 9 months long. Flourish is intended for autoimmune conditions.

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Learn how to overcome health conditions using functional medicine. Self-paced. 60-90 minutes. Live or pre-recorded.

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Monthly virtual gatherings. New functional medicine topics every month. Blending functional medicine and sacred practices to calm your nervous system and profoundly change your health. 

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7 Must-Do Daily Habits for Anyone with an Autoimmune Condition

Having lived through a multi-organ involvement autoimmune condition, these 7 habits were vital to my health then and still are.



Nice to meet you!


I’m Margaret Romero, an Ivy-trained Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner.

After my journey with lupus, I uncovered the many root causes and healed without any recurrent flares.


I'm excited to show you how I did it so you can finally live a full life. 


"My thyroid levels have improved as well as my antibodies, all without prescription or surgical intervention. I am so grateful to have found Margaret and would highly recommend working with her if you are serious about healing your body."

- Raquel Lopez

"I was suffering from so many gut issues and so many things were undiagnosed in me. The doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong and would only tell me things to cater to the symptoms. Margaret helped me to get to the root of my health issues and revealed things I wasn’t even aware of. "

- Shay Palmer

"I love working with Margaret! I've always wanted to see a functional medicine practitioner, and I'm so happy to have found her. She is kind, caring, and very thorough; she truly wants to help you find the root cause of your symptoms so you can stop guessing and start healing!"

- Gina Reda



Uncovering The 4 Most Common Autoimmune Triggers

All autoimmune conditions happen for a reason. Learn the most common ones here. 

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Acute and Chronic Infections That Lead to Autoimmunity 

Did you know quiet, underlying infections could be the culprit for autoimmunity? Learn what these infections are and how to treat them.

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Monthly Meditation & Sacred Practices:

This monthly gathering will help you lower stress  and lead to faster healing. *Included only in monthly membership.

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Repair the Adrenals

Coming soon!

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Sacred Warriors Membership!

Monthly gatherings. Learn relevant functional medicine topics and sacred practices to honor your body through your health journey.



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  • Monthly Masterclasses
  •  Expert Guest Speakers
  • Monthly Girlfriend Chats and Q&A's
  • Learn different experiential stress reducing practices
  • PDF's
  • Mini workshops
  • One month free



Billed each month

  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Expert Guest Speakers
  • Monthly Girlfriend Chats and Q&A's 
  • Learn different experiential stress reducing practices
  •  PDF's
  •  Mini workshops
  •  No monthly commitment


Choose the right program for you

Mini Breakthrough Program

3 month program.

Comprehensive lab work and functional stool testing. Invaluable and has been shown to uncover many triggers.

5 Sessions.

Supplements and stool testing cost not included.

Installments available.

Work with Me

Flourish: Uncover+Heal+Thrive

Exclusive 6 month program.

For autoimmune conditions only. Unlimited functional testing. You will finish this program a changed person with resolution of most if not all symptoms. 

10 Sessions.

Supplements not included. 

Installments available.